SA License U Class

Revved Up and Shut Down: Australia’s War on Supercar Freedom

Australia, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, is taking a significant step towards enhancing road safety and regulating high-performance vehicles. In a move aimed at creating a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians, the Australian government has rolled out a groundbreaking legislation, introducing the U Class driver’s license requirement for individuals operating … Read More

Hooning Burnout Ford

No More Holding Tyres for the boys

Queensland has recently passed new hoon laws that not only affect those caught hooning, but also spectators and promoters of such events. These new rules, passed through parliament, carry serious penalties, including up to one year in jail for offenders. Under the new laws, it is now an offense to participate in or be a … Read More

VIC Plate

Victoria Adopts Hologram Tech

Are Hologram Number Plates Really the Solution to Number Plate Theft and Cloning? The Victorian Government will be introducing a new technology, hologram number plates, starting from today (30 December, 2022) in an effort to stop dodgy drivers from cloning plates and clocking up traffic fines and toll fees. But is this new technology really … Read More

Number Plate Flipper Use Case

Using Plate Flippers in Australia

Number plate flippers, also known as number plate covers or number plate holders, are devices that allow drivers to quickly and easily switch between different number plates on their vehicle. In Australia, the use of number plate flippers is generally illegal, as it can be used to evade detection by law enforcement or to commit … Read More

Escape Police Fines

4 Ways to Stay Safe from HWP

Seeing those lights in the rear view mirror, sure does hurt! Here are 4 great ways to stay safe from highway patrols and save your points! In conclusion, there are several ways you can avoid getting fined by the police on the road. By using Waze to stay informed about police presence, investing in a … Read More

Ultra Racing Show Girl

Chassis Tuning Safety Bars

The transition from strut bars, sway bars to safety bars. While those involved in the motorsport world will know how important a strut bar, the sway bars and other various chassis braces are, it seems most of the world is unaware of the important of chassis strengthening technology. Few companies like Ultra Racing Australia & … Read More

WA Police Radar Jammer

Do radar jammers actually work?

Back in the 80s & 90s, we all heard the stories. When the Nissan Skyline was only $50k, RX7s were more reliable and the WRX was actually new. With the great street cars we value a lot more today came street racing and getting away from the coppers. While police are allowed to pull you … Read More

Andre Tan - Skylines

Why are Nissan Skylines so expensive?

Nissan Skylines are renown for their performance and Japanese muscle The 2000GTR Skyline as a classic may be worth the big dough, the rarity and lack of parts makes it the forefather of the Skyline. Prowling onto the C110 and C210 which I for the life of me could not find a price for. Then … Read More

Volkswagen Australia Fine

Australia Fines VW for Emissions

Back in 2019, the court fined Volkswagen $125,000,000 (125 million AUD) for breaching consumer law by developing a defeat device to cheat the Australian diesel emissions standards (and the global emissions standards). The executive responsible for the defeat device has been improsined for his involvement in the VW emissions scandal. VW group appealed the $125m … Read More

HSV Commodore ZB

The new HSV Commodore ZB

The end of the Holden Commodore as we know it Australia has ceased all production of the Holden Commodore line up, the last one was auctioned out, the Maloo despite its supercar status has also been discontinued indefinitely. While Ford also shutdown factories the one thing they did right was taking the name Falcon with … Read More

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