Using Plate Flippers in Australia

Number plate flippers, also known as number plate covers or number plate holders, are devices that allow drivers to quickly and easily switch between different number plates on their vehicle. In Australia, the use of number plate flippers is generally illegal, as it can be used to evade detection by law enforcement or to commit other crimes.

There are several ways to use a number plate “hiding-device”. You have the lower class, cheap and blatantly obvious curtain plate holders, which basically just put a curtain of the number plate when the button is pressed. These are often plastic and made of very low quality materials, they can often jam up and are extremely detectable and do not have any sort of use whether you’re on the track or off.

Then you have the number plate flippers available on the market. Some use a simple hinge mechanism to allow the plate to flip over (usually the motorbikes), while others use a motorized system that can be controlled remotely. Number plate flippers can be installed on the front or rear of a vehicle, and some are designed to be hidden from view when not in use.

Lexus Plate Flipper
Lexus with a number plate flipper – Based in USA

So Is It Really Illegal?

The use of number plate flippers is a criminal offense in Australia, as it is considered a form of deception. The Australian Road Rules state that “a person must not drive a vehicle that has a number plate that is not clearly visible and legible from a reasonable distance.” This means that any device that obscures or covers a number plate, including number plate flippers, is illegal.

There are also specific laws in place in each state and territory that prohibit the use of number plate flippers. In New South Wales, for example, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a number plate flipper or any other device that obscures the number plate. Penalties for using a number plate flipper in New South Wales include a fine of up to $2,200 and six months in prison.

There are a few legitimate uses for number plate flippers in Australia, such as when a vehicle is being transported by trailer or when it is being used in a movie or TV production. In these cases, a temporary number plate may be used in place of the permanent one. However, it is important to ensure that the temporary number plate is clearly visible and legible, and that it is only used for the specific purpose for which it was issued.

Where Can I Use It?

In summary, number plate flippers are illegal in Australia and their use can result in serious consequences. It is important to always ensure that your vehicle’s number plate is clearly visible and legible at all times, and to avoid using any devices or accessories that could obstruct it on public roads.

We recommend solely using the number plate flippers for Australian plates on the track or at car shows. This is not advised to be used on a parked vehicle on a public road as this too may render your car “without rego’.

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