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Rotary Engine of 2021

America’s answer to Mazda’s rotary engine is not a triangle but 2 round cylinders. The…

Feb 26, 2022596 views2 min read

Indian FTR S vs Harley Sporster S

Some consider the Harley Sporster S to be Harley’s answer to the Indian Scout Bobber,…

Feb 8, 2022459 views4 min read

Yamaha is saving the V8

How on earth is a motorcycle company saving the crazy-V8 we all know and love?…

Jan 17, 2022579 views3 min read

Chassis Tuning Safety Bars

The transition from strut bars, sway bars to safety bars. While those involved in the…

Jan 3, 2022578 views2 min read

Honda Legend 2021 – Level 3 Self Driving

In 2020 we’ll have flying cars! In 2000 we’ll have hoverboards! Yeah, yeah I know;…

Nov 11, 2021281 views1 min read

Do radar jammers actually work?

Back in the 80s & 90s, we all heard the stories. When the Nissan Skyline…

Oct 5, 2021319 views3 min read

Does start-stop tech damage the engine?

Back in-the-days and even with a lot of mechanical tech these days, turning things off…

Aug 15, 2021233 views3 min read

Volvo Lifesaver

While it’s still being trialed, a life-saving feature is being added into volvo cars to…

Jul 3, 2021222 views2 min read

Finally a Nissan 400Z

While some will say the new Nissan Z Fairlady is here! We also expect that…

Jun 18, 2021377 views4 min read
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