Ultra Racing Show Girl

Chassis Tuning Safety Bars

The transition from strut bars, sway bars to safety bars. While those involved in the motorsport world will know how important a strut bar, the sway bars and other various chassis braces are, it seems most of the world is unaware of the important of chassis strengthening technology. Few companies like Ultra Racing Australia & … Read More

Loudest VTEC

Want Louder VTEC Crossovers?

If you’ve had a Honda with a DOHC VTEC engine, you always loved that crossover, knowing that you were burning more fuel, gaining a tad bit more kilowatts (horsepower) to get you from A to B. The VTEC crossover became a big-deal back in the days when VTEC was the fastest thing we were allowed … Read More

BMW M 2 Step Antilag

2-Step Rev Limiters / Power Builders

What is a 2 step rev limiter? The 2 step rev limiter is a device with good intentions that gives little-gains, more fun than performance if you ask me. Rather than only having 1 rev-limit at the end of your RPM (to prevent engine failure) this adds a second rev limit that can be engaged … Read More

Diesel Truck

Getting power out of a diesel (Diesel Tuning)

Diesel tuning can be quite tough, any exhaust mod you do shoots black-smoke (smog) and the sound is very sub-par. The car doesn’t rely on spark plugs so simple ignition upgrades don’t help, and a cold-air-intake will literally make the car slower. So… What options do you have when you’re diesel tuning? Diesel Exhaust Upgrades … Read More

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