VIC Plate

Victoria Adopts Hologram Tech

Are Hologram Number Plates Really the Solution to Number Plate Theft and Cloning? The Victorian Government will be introducing a new technology, hologram number plates, starting from today (30 December, 2022) in an effort to stop dodgy drivers from cloning plates and clocking up traffic fines and toll fees. But is this new technology really … Read More

Number Plate Flipper Use Case

Using Plate Flippers in Australia

Number plate flippers, also known as number plate covers or number plate holders, are devices that allow drivers to quickly and easily switch between different number plates on their vehicle. In Australia, the use of number plate flippers is generally illegal, as it can be used to evade detection by law enforcement or to commit … Read More

Australian Police

Avoiding Cops 101-Five-O

The number thing you have to remember when avoiding cops is that getting a fine is not the end of the world, it does hurt your pocket and especially the points on your license. Be sure to remember that not all police are out there to book you, most of them (with the exception of … Read More

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