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At Shady Customs we will be posting about automotive news, motorcycle related content and other big-boy hobbies. As an online-only retailer we will also be selling merchandise, automotive accessories and performance modifications. You’ll also find Motorbike and Man-Cave goodies in our shop. We currently on retail within Australia.

For enthusiasts a little interested in illegal car mods, what you need to know, what you want to know and how to get it done. We discuss the naughty, nice and not-so friendly here, we’re talking plate flippers / number plate hider products, exhaust legality limits, how to get out of fines, how to hide from highway patrols and more.

What’s the best sound system for a convertible?

What’s the best sound system for a convertible?

shadyMay 2, 2021

The ultimate guide to setting up a sound system in your roadster. Getting high quality sound in a convertible is…

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