Take Shisha to the Streets In Your Car

Are you a devoted shisha enthusiast with a penchant for hitting the open road and savoring the thrill of street racing? At Shady Customs, we understand the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle of car enthusiasts, and that’s why we’ve introduced a game-changer – the Car Shisha Hookah! In this exclusive promotional piece, we’re here to delve into the marvelous advantages of this innovative device, designed to take your shisha experience to the next level while you’re on the move.

Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors

We get it, mate! Traditional cigarettes, or “ciggies,” as some call them, can leave your car smelling less than rosy. But, worry not, for our Car Shisha Hookah ensures your vehicle remains as fresh and aromatic as the pristine air after a summer rain. With our device, there are no lingering, unwelcome odors – only the delightful scent of your chosen shisha flavor.

Special Lid for a Mess-Free Experience

Now, we understand your concern about the potential mess of coal and ash in your car. Who wants a messy interior, right? Well, there’s no need to break a sweat. Our Car Shisha Hookah features a specially designed lid that acts as a guardian against wayward coals and ashes. No more fretting about untimely spills or unwanted mess – this lid’s got you covered.

Spice Up Your Car Dates

Long drives and waterfront stops are enjoyable, but why not add some excitement to your car dates? Our Car Shisha Hookah allows you to savor your favorite shisha flavors while taking in beautiful views. It’s a unique way to make your date nights unforgettable.

Solve Your Coal Lighting Worries

Lighting coal can be a concern, but we’ve got the solution for you. Explore our Flame Thrower Kit, designed to make lighting your coals a breeze. Enjoy your shisha without the hassle of coal lighting.

We also do HOT LICKS FLAME THROWER KITS which help your car shoot flames – helping you light the coal with just your engine 😛

There you have it. Shady Customs’ Car Shisha Hookah is your key to an enhanced shisha experience on the go. No more worries about bad smells, messy ashes, or boring car dates. Visit our website at shadycustoms.com to grab this fantastic accessory and elevate your shisha experience today. Whether you’re a street racer or just love a good drive, our Car Shisha Hookah is here to make it better!

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