What’s the best sound system for a convertible?

The ultimate guide to setting up a sound system in your roadster. Getting high quality sound in a convertible is important, it needs to be loud but actually sound like music. When it comes to car audio in roadsters, cabriolets (cabrios) or topless cars (whatever you wanna call them), we all know one main issue … Read More

Levels of Self Driving Cars - ADAS

Levels of Self Driving Cars (Autonomous Vehicles)

Lately we’ve heard about levels of self-driving cars. Honda releasing its first Level 3 Autonomous car (The world’s first fully certified Level 3 autonomous car 2021 Honda Legend). So here’s a quick guide on what exactly a Level 3 or well frankly any level of car that has autonomy can do! So if you’ve asked … Read More

Sound System

Getting a sound system

Interface To tell anyone you have a sound system, you have to start from the head unit (now… better known as an INFOTAINMENT system). Quick History In the past, roughly 10-20 years ago or the newer base-model cars we didn’t have screens, and if we did it wasn’t for watching videos or playing Angry Birds, … Read More

Mechanic Workshop neon

Choosing the right mechanic (Good mechanics)

One of the most daunting tasks, perhaps you’ve moved cities, it’s your first car, or simply… just never had to go to one. Picking a good mechanic can be tough, everyone says their mechanic is the best, every mechanic knows how to talk down on the other mechanics and of course all of them overcharge. … Read More

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