stop-start technology damages engine

Does start-stop tech damage the engine?

Back in-the-days and even with a lot of mechanical tech these days, turning things off and on constantly can often break it. So why would an auto manufacturer fit something that makes you start and stop your car 50x more often than you normally would? While conspiracy theorists will tell you, it’s to make it … Read More

HSV Commodore ZB

The new HSV Commodore ZB

The end of the Holden Commodore as we know it Australia has ceased all production of the Holden Commodore line up, the last one was auctioned out, the Maloo despite its supercar status has also been discontinued indefinitely. While Ford also shutdown factories the one thing they did right was taking the name Falcon with … Read More

Mechanic Workshop neon

Choosing the right mechanic (Good mechanics)

One of the most daunting tasks, perhaps you’ve moved cities, it’s your first car, or simply… just never had to go to one. Picking a good mechanic can be tough, everyone says their mechanic is the best, every mechanic knows how to talk down on the other mechanics and of course all of them overcharge. … Read More

Alfa Romeo 6 Cylinder

What’s Smarter Inline-4 or V6?

People always ask what’s better a straight inline-4 cylinder engine or a 6 cylinder V6 engine. (Inline-4 or V6) First let’s talk about the ‘V’ in V6. Why would putting half the pistons on each side make a difference? Having them parallel allows for smoother idling which in-turn provides better power and torque! However it … Read More

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