Volvo LifeSaver - Australia

Volvo Lifesaver

While it’s still being trialed, a life-saving feature is being added into volvo cars to further-secure its position as the market leader in automotive safety. Volvo is trialing out an in-car AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). The device in car defibrillator (which is portable) is being piloted in Netherlands and is linked with Heart RateNow, a … Read More

Volkswagen Australia Fine

Australia Fines VW for Emissions

Back in 2019, the court fined Volkswagen $125,000,000 (125 million AUD) for breaching consumer law by developing a defeat device to cheat the Australian diesel emissions standards (and the global emissions standards). The executive responsible for the defeat device has been improsined for his involvement in the VW emissions scandal. VW group appealed the $125m … Read More

Z4 Rendered 2020

2020 Z4 The Supra Cannibal

When you hear BMW, you think driver’s car. When you see a BMW, you think Mercedes’ competitor. When you see those angel eyes, you think Audi’s rival. When you hear a BMW, you think hm… a Bentley I could afford. What separates BMW from its market is the fact that unlike Merc & Audi they … Read More

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