Chassis Tuning Safety Bars

The transition from strut bars, sway bars to safety bars.

While those involved in the motorsport world will know how important a strut bar, the sway bars and other various chassis braces are, it seems most of the world is unaware of the important of chassis strengthening technology.

Few companies like Ultra Racing Australia & Ultra Racing New Zealand have become a part of the push towards encouraging people to upgrade their vehicle’s safety! People like to upgrade the mechanical performance of their vehicles, some believe handling comes from just the wheels and tyres alone. Ultra Racing has made it their priority to improve the chassis rigidity.

Here at Shady Customs we recommend the use of Ultra Racing parts as they value quality over quantity. Sadly on eBay we find most of the braces sold are in-fact fake. To combat this Ultra Racing is one of the companies that have a serial-number checking system, and each part can be verified and checked by your local distributor.

Ultra Racing Chassis

Chassis Strengthening

Contrary to popular belief, chassis strengthening is not simply to improve the chances of survival or reduce the damage taken of the car, it’s moreso to improve the overall flex of the vehicle while turning, drifting and touring.

If you’ve ever driven a car with a standard strut brace and removed it, you’d instantly feel as if the car was left solid. Think of those outdoor foldable tables that have no support connecting the legs, how flimsy they feel. Your car is the same! Most chassis don’t stretch along the front, they act like two long forks sticking out towards the headlights.

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