No More Holding Tyres for the boys

Queensland has recently passed new hoon laws that not only affect those caught hooning, but also spectators and promoters of such events. These new rules, passed through parliament, carry serious penalties, including up to one year in jail for offenders.

Under the new laws, it is now an offense to participate in or be a spectator at a group hooning activity, as well as to organize, promote or encourage others to participate or be a spectator. Additionally, possessing items such as false number plates can also lead to serious consequences.

The economic cost of road trauma in Queensland is a staggering $6 billion, and road accidents cause around 15% of hospital admissions. Police Minister Mark Ryan has made it clear that these new laws are in response to such issues and that those caught breaking the rules will face severe punishments. “If you want to tear up our roads, we’ll tear up your car,” he said.

According to 9News, offenders could face up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $6,000. While the new laws aim to crack down on dangerous hooning behavior, it’s worth noting that carrying spare tires is listed as an offense as well. However, it’s hoped that discretion will be applied in such cases.

It’s important to note that Queensland is not alone in introducing such measures. New South Wales has also implemented Hoon Laws, which came into effect in 2021. These laws provide police with greater powers to impound vehicles and impose tougher penalties on those caught engaging in hooning activities. Such penalties include fines of up to $11,000 and the possibility of jail time for repeat offenders.

As automotive enthusiasts, it’s important to remember that street racing and other hooning activities can have serious consequences. It’s crucial to drive safely and responsibly on our roads to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

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