Do radar jammers actually work?

Back in the 80s & 90s, we all heard the stories. When the Nissan Skyline was only $50k, RX7s were more reliable and the WRX was actually new. With the great street cars we value a lot more today came street racing and getting away from the coppers.

While police are allowed to pull you over, search your car (with consent or court order) and charge you on ample suspicion, they technically cannot charge you for speeding unless evidence is provided. Hence the birth of radar detectors. Back in the days, when radar detectors were used – one of the biggest issues we had was the fact that the police were able to use ‘radar detector detectors’ which would work similar to a radiowave detector, it would beep faster and faster as you got closer to the car fitted with the device.

In the past, these devices were simply mounted on the windshield, you’d have to pull the plug out as soon as you detected a radar so that we wouldn’t get caught ‘detecting’. Do keep in mind that in WESTERN AUSTRALIA it is legal to have a radar detector.

In modern times, these radars detectors developed the capability to turn themselves off (usually 3-seconds) after detecting the radar gun. One issue with the radar detector is that, while it may detect the po-po trying to get you, it does not stop it.

Radar Detectors Australia

Radar Jammers

Some companies decided detecting was simply not enough, so a laser-jammer was added to the detection devices. While being completely illegal (in all states in Australia) these devices do make-it-in- the country!

The way they work is by being mounted on the common hot spots in which radar guns are pointed at to detect speed. These hot spots are the left and right headlights and the number plates. They look-like parking sensors, however keep in mind that any trained highway patrol officer will easily be able to recognize that a particular is jamming their radar gun. The simple fact is that if they point it at your car, don’t get a speed, but point it at another car and fail to get a speed: they will be suspicious and attempt to pull you over.

It’s important to get a laser jammer or radar detector that’s barely visible. Something that’s well hidden and has factored-in the practicality of using it in the poice-state we refer to as home (Australia).

We highly recommend the Stinger as they manufacture one of the only (practically) invisible radar jammers.

Laser Receivers

So… Does it really work?

In reality, Yes!

The question is, after being detected will you be able to get away? If you’re in a situation where the officer will be able to tail you, there are no turn-offs: you don’t want it to work. The reality is if you get caught using one, the fine and charges will be heavier than getting caught speeding (even at a high-speed like 250km/h).

There are several cases where people get caught, and you can listen to how much of a big deal they made it out to be:

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