Freedom Laser Shield


The Stinger Freedom Laser Australia allows you to both detect and jam radar gun laser signals.

This tool is compatible with all vehicles as it’s micro laser detectors can be mounted covertly next to headlights and in the grille.

An Incognito Laser Jammer

The Stinger Freedom Laser Shield is both a detector and laser-jammer that can be installed covertly, unlike other conventional laser jammers that require a 7cm laser transmitter and receiver this product requires a 7mm hole. It’s x66 smaller than a conventional laser-jammer/detector system. While it can’t stop those pesky ‘safety’ / red light speed cameras, it can stop those mobile speed cameras! So if you’re in the market for a device that’s capable of keeping you from getting fined, whilst not effecting the aesthetic of car too much, you’ve found your little tool.

Fibre Laser Stinger Measurements

A Covert Laser Jammer that actually works!

Even against Australian Police Radar Guns (DragonEye included)

Freedom Laser Shield Contents:

  • 3x Fibre Laser Transmitters
  • 3x Square Laser Receivers
  • LED Interface
  • Laser Strip Interface Version
  • Additional Transmitters & Receivers will be necessary for rear / side protection

The correct installation of this device does vary from car to car, but having the transmitters as close as possible to your headlights and number plate. You then need 3 receivers to detect the incoming laser / radar which can be installed within your grill.

Laser jammers are designed to help get you out of speed-traps. By detecting the radar-gun at least 1,000m away it warns you to slow down and will help get you out of a fine!


The device comes with two different interfaces:

Strip Interface STINGER Australia
Strip Interface
LED interface Stinger Australia
LED Interface (Covert)



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  • Radar detectors are illegal in all-states except WA
  • Laser jammers are illegal in all-states
  • This product must be configured to only detect lasers to maintain legality

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 10 × 15 cm
Freedom Laser Stinger Australia
Freedom Laser Shield