2 Step Rev Limiter

  • Launch Control
  • Anti-Lag (for Turbo)
  • Flat-foot Shifting


This 2-step rev limiter will allow you to both control your redline (rev-limit) and add another rev limit to improve launch control and add flat-foot shifting. This product will give you a red line that cuts to ignition and not the fuel which in-turn produces flames!


This device gives you 2 rev-limits

One programmed to engage at a lower RPM, the other to engage at higher RPMs (redline). The purpose of the 2nd step is to prevent engine failure / overheating caused by over-revving.

By not cutting fuel and only retarding the ignition-timing the device allows your turbocharged vehicle to build-boost without putting load on the engine.


This product is not suitable for V8 Engines – V10 Engines – V12 Engines – Honda Engines.


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