SC Exhaust Valve


  • Instant On / Off Exhaust Sound
  • Unbreakable Exhaust Flap
  • Mechanical (Not Electronic)
  • Connect to any factory switch
  • Fits any exhaust

The Shady Customs exhaust valve gives you INSTANT-ON and INSTANT-OFF capability. The engineering of the product does not allow for the exhaust flap to ever remain “stuck open”. With no electronic components other than the switch itself, the product is designed for longetivity.

We’ve been making exhausts for years! We had the famous 350Z Dual Exhaust VVT kit at one-stage (discontinued due to lack of demand). The VTEC Climax Exhaust (which goes strong till today).

The SC Exhaust Valve is a great alternative to:

  • Varex Exhaust Systems
  • Helical Exhaust Valves
  • Profusion Exhaust Valves
  • Apex Exhaust Valves

The Exhaust Valve Kit includes:

  • Actuator Valve (Electronic)
  • Socket Cable
  • SC Exhaust Valve

You will need:

  • Silicone hoses (to suit your setup)
  • Wire splicing and tapping
  • Welding

Our products have been designed with quality in mind. Other exhaust valves are prone to leakages and droning. Our premium exhaust valve helps mask sound with the click of a button!

We highly recommend installing the high quality exhaust valve AFTER your last o2 sensor (Oxygen Sensor) and to ensure you get maximum sound output. The SC Exhaust Valve should be wired to a standard switch in your vehicle (e.g. Fog lights / Rear Fog Light / Air Conditioning Button etc.).

We will be providing wiring diagrams for certain vehicles in the near-future.

  • BMW 4 Series (F32) – Coming soon
  • BMW 5 Series (F10) – Coming soon
  • Mercedes C63 (AMG) – Coming soon
  • Mazda Sport Mode – Coming soon

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg
Shady Customs Exhaust Valve
SC Exhaust Valve