VTEC Climax Exhaust

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Make your VTEC Crossover scream

  • Fits VTEC Honda engines
  • Vacuum based (no electronics)

Have you ever thought “I need a louder VTEC crossover”? Or… Why can’t my Honda have a valvetronic exhaust?

The VTEC Climax Exhaust kit is your answer, this kit includes a vacuum based-valve and other components that help achieve just that!

When you hit VTEC your car will act as-if it’s straight-piped. While remaining nice, quiet and toned in the lower revs.

By maintaining the standard back-pressure in the lower RPMs you prevent the power-loss that most cars would lose when installing a louder aftermarket exhaust. In the higher RPMs when VTEC is engaged by opening up the valve you’re releasing back-pressure which also helps at the higher RPMs where back-pressure holds your car back.

Keep in mind that while VTEC engages generally after a certain RPM if your vehicle is i-VTEC this can vary based on several other factors. VTEC does not engage when driving under 20km/h so tests on a stand-still may not be possible, you have to be in-gear and moving.

Compatibility (SOHC + DOHC VTEC)

  • B16B / B16A2 (DYNO Results)
  • B18C2 / B18C5 / B18C7 / B18CR
  • B16/20 LSVTEC
  • K20/24 K-SWAP
  • F20C / F22C
  • D15B / D15Z / D16A VTEC


Why SCRM Garage VTEC Climax Exhaust?

Unlike other exhaust manufacturers they use no-electric motors. This ensures that valve opens-and-closes instantly with your VTEC. It also prevents any potential technically issues (at the end of the day the valve is installed under your car; water, rocks etc. are all bound to eventually destroy that little electronic motor)

This product has other variants: The RPM actuated exhaust, The VANOS actuated etc. Shady Customs will not be stocking these products.


Dyno Video Preview:


Before & After (Amatuer):



Additional information

Weight3.8 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm
VTEC Climax Exhaust
VTEC Climax Exhaust
Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $229.00.