The new Nissan Z Fairlady

Finally a Nissan 400Z

While some will say the new Nissan Z Fairlady is here! It has been revealed that the car will not be released till 2023. So to answer When will the Nissan Z come out? Spring 2022. After a long-wait, particularly for those who disliked the 350z – 370z series. We finally have a new fairlady! … Read More


What’s the best sound system for a convertible?

The ultimate guide to setting up a sound system in your roadster. Getting high quality sound in a convertible is important, it needs to be loud but actually sound like music. When it comes to car audio in roadsters, cabriolets (cabrios) or topless cars (whatever you wanna call them), we all know one main issue … Read More

Nissan GT-R50 Track Reveal

GT-R50 (The Italian Skyline GTR)

Introducing the GT-R 50. A Skyline R35 GTR revised by Italdesign, that actually is being produced! Watch & hear the first production GT-R 50. Nissan has finally announced that the GT-R50 will be put into production and even given us a preview of how the production model looks! Italdesign (some people know them as ItaliDesign) … Read More

Andre Tan - Skylines

Why are Nissan Skylines so expensive?

Nissan Skylines are renown for their performance and Japanese muscle The 2000GTR Skyline as a classic may be worth the big dough, the rarity and lack of parts makes it the forefather of the Skyline. Prowling onto the C110 and C210 which I for the life of me could not find a price for. Then … Read More

Volkswagen Australia Fine

Australia Fines VW for Emissions

Back in 2019, the court fined Volkswagen $125,000,000 (125 million AUD) for breaching consumer law by developing a defeat device to cheat the Australian diesel emissions standards (and the global emissions standards). The executive responsible for the defeat device has been improsined for his involvement in the VW emissions scandal. VW group appealed the $125m … Read More

Levels of Self Driving Cars - ADAS

Levels of Self Driving Cars (Autonomous Vehicles)

Lately we’ve heard about levels of self-driving cars. Honda releasing its first Level 3 Autonomous car (The world’s first fully certified Level 3 autonomous car 2021 Honda Legend). So here’s a quick guide on what exactly a Level 3 or well frankly any level of car that has autonomy can do! So if you’ve asked … Read More

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Lowered Modified Custom

Hyundai Ioniq 5 (Next-gen EV)

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV announcement came with Apple stepping out of the picture for Hyundai – Kia, they needed something to push them towards the top. Boy, this does really put them up there with the big players. The EV car economy has changed quite a bit, now we have economic options, like China … Read More

Aston Martin Key Fob Volvo

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Exclusivity

When the manufacturer makes absolutely no effort to cover up the fact that they share parts with a lower-end brand, you lose trust. Aston Martin has done just this particularly with the key of the VOLVO. Aston Martin V8 Vantage – the car that got the cheap end. Starting with the engine we see the … Read More

HSV Commodore ZB

The new HSV Commodore ZB

The end of the Holden Commodore as we know it Australia has ceased all production of the Holden Commodore line up, the last one was auctioned out, the Maloo despite its supercar status has also been discontinued indefinitely. While Ford also shutdown factories the one thing they did right was taking the name Falcon with … Read More

Loudest VTEC

Want Louder VTEC Crossovers?

If you’ve had a Honda with a DOHC VTEC engine, you always loved that crossover, knowing that you were burning more fuel, gaining a tad bit more kilowatts (horsepower) to get you from A to B. The VTEC crossover became a big-deal back in the days when VTEC was the fastest thing we were allowed … Read More

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