omega one rotary engine 2021 astron new wankel

Rotary Engine of 2021

America’s answer to Mazda’s rotary engine is not a triangle but 2 round cylinders. The modern American Wankel engine has a complete new design splitting the initial engine into two components, one for air and the other for combustion, with improvements to the initial engineering Astron Aerospace has solved the sealing issues and improved overall … Read More

Sporster S vs FTR

Indian FTR S vs Harley Sporster S

Some consider the Harley Sporster S to be Harley’s answer to the Indian Scout Bobber, though due to its riding position, versatiliy and power – we disagree. While there is an unfortunate price difference here in Australia, this does have to be factored in to its value; however if you’re from another country where they … Read More

Hydrogen V8 by Yamaha

Yamaha is saving the V8

How on earth is a motorcycle company saving the crazy-V8 we all know and love? Never forget, Yamaha excels in every field it plays in. Yamaha designs and tunes almost all of the major engines used in Lexus models. Even the LFA V10 There’s a reason, it sounds so good! That reason is Yamaha. The … Read More

Ultra Racing Show Girl

Chassis Tuning Safety Bars

The transition from strut bars, sway bars to safety bars. While those involved in the motorsport world will know how important a strut bar, the sway bars and other various chassis braces are, it seems most of the world is unaware of the important of chassis strengthening technology. Few companies like Ultra Racing Australia & … Read More


Honda Legend 2021 – Level 3 Self Driving

In 2020 we’ll have flying cars! In 2000 we’ll have hoverboards! Yeah, yeah I know; I didn’t think it’d happen anyway. It’s 2021, and what we are getting is a proper self-driving car! Honda was awarded a safety-certification by the Japanese government for its Honda Traffic Jam Pilot technology. With the world’s shift to electric … Read More

WA Police Radar Jammer

Do radar jammers actually work?

Back in the 80s & 90s, we all heard the stories. When the Nissan Skyline was only $50k, RX7s were more reliable and the WRX was actually new. With the great street cars we value a lot more today came street racing and getting away from the coppers. While police are allowed to pull you … Read More

stop-start technology damages engine

Does start-stop tech damage the engine?

Back in-the-days and even with a lot of mechanical tech these days, turning things off and on constantly can often break it. So why would an auto manufacturer fit something that makes you start and stop your car 50x more often than you normally would? While conspiracy theorists will tell you, it’s to make it … Read More

Volvo LifeSaver - Australia

Volvo Lifesaver

While it’s still being trialed, a life-saving feature is being added into volvo cars to further-secure its position as the market leader in automotive safety. Volvo is trialing out an in-car AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). The device in car defibrillator (which is portable) is being piloted in Netherlands and is linked with Heart RateNow, a … Read More

The new Nissan Z Fairlady

Finally a Nissan 400Z

While some will say the new Nissan Z Fairlady is here! We also expect that 400Z badge to mean 400 hp at the wheels! It has been revealed that the car will not be released till 2023. So to answer When will the Nissan Z come out? Spring 2022. After a long-wait, particularly for those … Read More


What’s the best sound system for a convertible?

The ultimate guide to setting up a sound system in your roadster. Getting high quality sound in a convertible is important, it needs to be loud but actually sound like music. When it comes to car audio in roadsters, cabriolets (cabrios) or topless cars (whatever you wanna call them), we all know one main issue … Read More

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