Z4 Rendered 2020

2020 Z4 The Supra Cannibal

When you hear BMW, you think driver’s car. When you see a BMW, you think Mercedes’ competitor. When you see those angel eyes, you think Audi’s rival. When you hear a BMW, you think hm… a Bentley I could afford. What separates BMW from its market is the fact that unlike Merc & Audi they … Read More

Cartoon of your car

Animating your car

Ever wondered what your car would look like if it were in a cartoon? Tuner Cartoons has you covered! For those of us who adore our cars and want to spruce up the man-cave a bit. Perhaps you miss one of your old cars? Especially if it was written-off, stolen or worse… had to be … Read More

Rockford Fosgate Speaker System

Getting a sound system

Interface It all starts with a head unit (now… better known as an INFOTAINMENT system). Quick History In the past, roughly 10-20 years ago or the newer base-model cars we didn’t have screens, and if we did it wasn’t for watching videos or playing Angry Birds, it was for information about the car and in … Read More

Mechanic Workshop neon

Choosing the right mechanic

One of the most daunting tasks, perhaps you’ve moved cities, it’s your first car, or simply… just never had to go to one. Picking a mechanic can be tough, everyone says their mechanic is the best, every mechanic knows how to talk down on the other mechanics and of course all of them overcharge. So … Read More

Alfa Romeo 6 Cylinder

What’s Smarter Inline-4 or V6?

People always ask what’s better a straight inline-four cylinder engine or a 6 cylinder V6 engine. First let’s talk about the ‘V’ in V6. Why would putting half the pistons on each side make a difference? Having them parallel allows for smoother idling which in-turn provides better power and torque! However it does cost a … Read More

Diesel Truck

Getting power out of a diesel

This can be quite tough, any exhaust mod you do shoots black-smoke (smog) and the sound is very sub-par. The car doesn’t rely on spark plugs so simple ignition upgrades don’t help, and a cold-air-intake will literally make the car slower. So… What options do you Diesel car guys have? Exhaust Upgrades To make the … Read More


Why was VTEC so popular in the past?

Back in the 2000’s when you millenials were born, the P-plate laws were different. Rather than having power-to-weight ratio limitations, the only limitations were that your vehicle could not have the following: (Only applied to petrol-engines) 8 Cylinder Engine (or higher) Turbocharger (of any sort) Supercharger (of any sort) Vehicles in the ‘high-performance-list’ Nissan 350z … Read More

Wedding Lambo RR

Next-gen Aussie Weddings

Most people (particularly men) love to show off their gorgeous home, an expensive mechanical watch, a designer suit, classy shoes and so much more. Unfortunately for these things there’s a time and a place for each and every one of them. Weddings are where we can bring all of those things together, the home can … Read More