In Car Shisha Hookah Nargile

Take Shisha to the Streets In Your Car

Are you a devoted shisha enthusiast with a penchant for hitting the open road and savoring the thrill of street racing? At Shady Customs, we understand the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle of car enthusiasts, and that’s why we’ve introduced a game-changer – the Car Shisha Hookah! In this exclusive promotional piece, we’re here to delve into the … Read More

Street Racing Tok

We are finally on TikTok! Join Shady Customs on the Fast Lane

Are you ready to rev up your social media experience? Hold on tight because Shady Customs, your favorite Australian car enthusiast blog, is hitting the virtual streets of TikTok! We’ve got some exciting news, promotions, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content lined up for you. So, buckle up and get ready to cruise through the world of … Read More

SA License U Class

Revved Up and Shut Down: Australia’s War on Supercar Freedom

Australia, known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, is taking a significant step towards enhancing road safety and regulating high-performance vehicles. In a move aimed at creating a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians, the Australian government has rolled out a groundbreaking legislation, introducing the U Class driver’s license requirement for individuals operating … Read More

Drag Axle Turbonique

How Turbos Shoud Have Been Made

Exploring the Turbonique Drag Axle G’day, fellow automotive enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the realm of extraordinary performance upgrades with an iconic technology from the 1960s – the Turbonique Drag Axle. Strap yourselves in as we take a journey into the past to uncover this unique automotive marvel. What is the Turbonique Drag Axle? The … Read More

Mpire UK

Mpire Car Gang

The United Kingdom has long been known for its passion for cars and the thrill of the open road. While street racing and car culture have a rich history in the UK, a new phenomenon has taken the scene by storm. Enter Mpire, a car hooning gang that has injected an Australian-inspired energy into the … Read More

Hooning Burnout Ford

No More Holding Tyres for the boys

Queensland has recently passed new hoon laws that not only affect those caught hooning, but also spectators and promoters of such events. These new rules, passed through parliament, carry serious penalties, including up to one year in jail for offenders. Under the new laws, it is now an offense to participate in or be a … Read More

AMG Builds Honda

Uncovering the factory Honda AMG

When we hear AMG, we usually think of Mercedes-Benz, right? But did you know that AMG had a hand in tweaking Japanese cars too? Yup, you heard that right! In the 1980s and 1990s, AMG worked on a few Japanese cars, including an obscure Honda Civic performance model exclusive to South Africa – the Honda … Read More


Rotary EV SUV

Mazda has recently launched a new rotary engine in their MX-30 crossover SUV, rather than in a sports car, leaving many car enthusiasts disappointed. The MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV was revealed at the Brussels Motor Show and offers a claimed 85km of pure electric range, with the rotary engine serving as a range-extender and booster. Mazda … Read More

Autonomous F1 Cars

Self Driving Formula 1 Cars

Self-driving race cars made their mark at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas, as the Italian American team PoliMOVE developed a self-driving race car based on a Formula One car, known as the Minerva. The car set a new world record for the speed of an autonomous car, reaching speeds of around … Read More

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