Uncovering the factory Honda AMG

When we hear AMG, we usually think of Mercedes-Benz, right? But did you know that AMG had a hand in tweaking Japanese cars too? Yup, you heard that right! In the 1980s and 1990s, AMG worked on a few Japanese cars, including an obscure Honda Civic performance model exclusive to South Africa – the Honda Ballade AMG.

Now, there isn’t much information about this car on the internet, but we managed to piece together its story. According to reports, Mercedes-Benz of South Africa (MBSA) wanted an affordable model to showcase in their showrooms, and Honda was looking to enter the South African market. So, the two struck a deal, and Mercedes license-built the Ballade.

Fun fact: The Honda Ballade AMG had a D16A engine.

While the Honda AMG may not have been as popular as the Mercedes-Benz AMG models we see today, it’s still a unique piece of automotive history that deserves recognition. Speaking of the C63 and E63 AMGs, have you noticed how it’s become somewhat of a taxi on Sydney’s streets? It seems like everyone is driving one on finance these days!

AMG and Honda
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