For the Mischievous Car Enthusiast

As an online-only retailer we will also be selling merchandise, hood spec automotive accessories and performance modifications. You’ll also find motorbike and man-cave goodies in our online store.

For enthusiasts a little interested in illegal car mods, what you need to know, what you want to know and how to get it done. We discuss the naughty, nice and not-so friendly here, we’re talking plate flippers / number plate hider products, exhaust legality limits, how to get out of fines, highway patrol & popo.

Mpire Car Gang

Mpire Car Gang

Jun 1, 2023

The United Kingdom has long been known for its passion for cars and the thrill of the open road. While…

Rotary EV SUV

Rotary EV SUV

Jan 27, 2023

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Hood Spec Mods

We at Shady Customs will be retailing hood spec parts & accessories. We currently only retail within Australia. Browse our online store, we only retail refined specific products to help you get around in the area.

Shady Customs is home to the infamous Aussie number plate flipper and climax exhaust system. We will be retailing other area mods to hood spec your ride. Motorcycle plate flippers are also available!

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