The 1 Million Dollar Holden

Holden is done, you may be thinking… well now my Holden will be worth less; with a lack of service-centres, in the near future most-probably a shortage of parts as well as a lack of a new chassis or revisals coming anytime soon. “What if there’s a recall?” “What if i need an older part”, with thoughts like this you’ll be happy to know that Holden will always be the Aussie icon. Holden did not fail, it just succeeded.

The end of Holden meant well… the Holden Maloo, the one supercar-like vehicle in the fleet needed to be remembered, and by golly will it! At the time of this article the 2017 HSV GTSR W1 Maloo (Single Cab) (the final car to roll off the line) was put up for auction, and has recieved a whopping $1,035,000 bid! The official listing can be found here. The auction is hosted by Lloyds Classic Car Auctions.

This car was originally pictured on the front cover of Motor magazine. The current plates (VICTORIAN) W1UTE.

For our international readers thinking ‘pfft… super car?’ I’ll have you know this muscly beast packs an LS9 (Gen IV) that produces 474 kW of power and 815 nM Torque. It is a manual! Featuring the close-ratio TR-6060 6speed. Probably the last manual-transmission we’ll see out of a Holden!

Take a good look at this million dollar Holden Maloo!

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