Next-gen Aussie Weddings

Most people (particularly men) love to show off their gorgeous home, an expensive mechanical watch, a designer suit, classy shoes and so much more. Unfortunately for these things there’s a time and a place for each and every one of them.

Weddings are where we can bring all of those things together, the home can be featured before or after the ceremony. Wearing that fancy watch to go with the designer suit, complimented by your formal-shoes.

A car however is something you get to ‘flaunt’ just about everywhere you need to go. You go to the bank with your car, you cruise around with it, you even stop to go to toilet with it.

This puts the car in a difficult position for the wedding ‘flexing’, do I just bring my own car that I always drive-around? Do you have a car that’s been locked-away that you haven’t really shown around yet?

The best alternative to your own car is of course renting a car, but can you just rent any car? One Ferrari? pfft… rubbish! You need an entourage, because it’s not the car that you’re flaunting it’s the convoy! This is Australia mate! We… do weddings.

The wedding of weddings

Though it did kind of go overboard with the Mehajer wedding, but hey he did set the bar very high. Renting a convoy / entourage of vehicles including cars and motorcycles has become the new standard. A Rolls-royce is on its way to becoming the taxi of all weddings (particularly in Sydney). Everyone’s seen it but here’s an amateur recording to give you the real feel of the entourage (with no edits). A clip from Lidcombe, NSW (pre-wedding).

Bridal Cars

For the bride, the best part of the convoy is of course the fact it ensures the groom will actually be organising some part of the wedding.

If it’s the bride who’s more interested in setting up the cars we do highly recommend hiring some sort of convertible as that really is the only way you’re getting that massive wedding gown in there! There are several feminine coloured wedding cars available to rent for a wedding too, with and without a driver it’s definitely worth it to put a smile on her face.

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