Honda Legend 2021 – Level 3 Self Driving

In 2020 we’ll have flying cars! In 2000 we’ll have hoverboards! Yeah, yeah I know; I didn’t think it’d happen anyway.

It’s 2021, and what we are getting is a proper self-driving car! Honda was awarded a safety-certification by the Japanese government for its Honda Traffic Jam Pilot technology. With the world’s shift to electric vehicles (being much easier to control using basic hardware and software) has put self-driving technology ambitions just around the corner. Companies like Tesla, VW and even software companies like Apple & Google have entered the market.

Japan is usually known for being the first, or the best when it comes to technology development and innovation. Honda has stepped-in to the market with its Honda Legend Hybrid. They (as always) improved on what the world already had. Improvement innovation is a well-respected methodology in Japan, some see their cars as knock-offs, but true enthusiasts know they’re improvements.

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