Animating your car

Ever wondered what your car would look like if it were in a cartoon? Animate your car with Tuner Cartoons!

For those of us who adore our cars and want to spruce up the man-cave a bit. Perhaps you miss one of your old cars? Especially if it was written-off, stolen or worse… had to be sold for the baby. This is the ultimate monument, Tuner Cartoons will animate your car for you, turn it into a cartoon and even print it.

If you’re in the market for boyfriend gift ideas or have been searching around for “what can i buy for my boyfriend who loves cars”, well any car guy boyfriend will enjoy seeing their pride and joy on the wall, get them a canvas piece, let them frame it? Even a tattoo would be cool! They even have t-shrits if you wanna be the one to suprise them by wearing it they come in all-sizes.

Some companies, even here at Shady Customs need animated cars to make ads, display artwork etc. Car Toons is the answer! You pick the car, you pick the angle and vwala!

It’s quite simple really, you upload a photo of your car, they animate it and you’re done!

Here are some previews of Tuner Cartoons has done!

The pictures below should give you an idea of what your car would look animated! When drawing your car they allow you to choose colours, other effects as well as background related choices. So take a look at these anime cars with actual-photo backgrounds. Don’t be afraid to send us any car toons you may have ordered (or drawn yourself) so we can share them here or on our web stories!

If you’d like to order one for yourself, feel free to click here.

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