Diesel Truck

Getting power out of a diesel (Diesel Tuning)

Diesel tuning can be quite tough, any exhaust mod you do shoots black-smoke (smog) and the sound is very sub-par. The car doesn’t rely on spark plugs so simple ignition upgrades don’t help, and a cold-air-intake will literally make the car slower. So… What options do you have when you’re diesel tuning? Diesel Exhaust Upgrades … Read More


Why was VTEC so popular in the past?

Back in the 2000’s when you millenials were born, the P-plate laws were different. Rather than having power-to-weight ratio limitations, the only limitations were that your vehicle could not have the following: (Only applied to petrol-engines) 8 Cylinder Engine (or higher) Turbocharger (of any sort) Supercharger (of any sort) Vehicles in the ‘high-performance-list’ Nissan 350z … Read More

Wedding Lambo RR

Next-gen Aussie Weddings

Most people (particularly men) love to show off their gorgeous home, an expensive mechanical watch, a designer suit, classy shoes and so much more. Unfortunately for these things there’s a time and a place for each and every one of them. Weddings are where we can bring all of those things together, the home can … Read More

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