stop-start technology damages engine

Does start-stop tech damage the engine?

Back in-the-days and even with a lot of mechanical tech these days, turning things off and on constantly can often break it. So why would an auto manufacturer fit something that makes you start and stop your car 50x more often than you normally would? While conspiracy theorists will tell you, it’s to make it … Read More

Volvo LifeSaver - Australia

Volvo Lifesaver

While it’s still being trialed, a life-saving feature is being added into volvo cars to further-secure its position as the market leader in automotive safety. Volvo is trialing out an in-car AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). The device in car defibrillator (which is portable) is being piloted in Netherlands and is linked with Heart RateNow, a … Read More

The new Nissan Z Fairlady

Finally a Nissan 400Z

While some will say the new Nissan Z Fairlady is here! We also expect that 400Z badge to mean 400 hp at the wheels! It has been revealed that the car will not be released till 2023. So to answer When will the Nissan Z come out? Spring 2022. After a long-wait, particularly for those … Read More

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